Parents and community members play an important role in our students's education. Communication acts as a bridge to engagement and, ultimately, strong partnerships with our parents. Good communication is the responsibility of both parents and teachers. Parents can be active in this process by keeping teachers informed as well as seeking information about their child’s progress in the classroom.

In all circumstances, we encourage respectful communication, and invite you to email your child's teacher in the first instance should you have any concerns, questions or other information. We value your insights and look forward to working together with you to help your child reach their academic potential. 

If you feel a meeting is required, contact your child's teacher by email, and they can arrange a time to suit.

Please be aware that teachers are not able to respond to emails during the school day as they are teaching. In an emergency, please contact the front office (02 6254 2653). 

St Matthew's produces regular newsletters to inform parents, caregivers and the community about school activities, developments and initiatives.  The Compass Parent Portal is an online portal that allows you to interact with St Matthew's and access up-to-date information.