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This page will be updated as we know more, and the most recent update was made on Thursday 21 October at 7:30pm. We will keep you informed. Regularly check your emails, SZApp, Compass Parent Portal and this webpage.

Please read the latest newsletter for information about return to school. Yes - we are as excited as you are! 

In brief: 

  • View the CECG Roadmap here
  • ACT Health has recommended that schools minimise the co-mingling of children during the school day. To this end, having sought Catholic Education’s approval, we are forming cohorts of children to ensure that children mix with a common group of students during class and break times. 
  • Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 6 return for face-to-face learning on Monday of Week 4 (25 October). 
  • On campus supervision will continue to be available only for children whose parents are required to work and cannot provide care for their children at the same time. If your child is in Year 3, 4 or 5 and requires supervision in Week 4 because you are an essential worker, please advise our Assistant Principal, Petra Cole ( It's important that we know how many students are coming in order to ensure we have organised spaces and can remain COVID-safe. 
  • Year 3, 4 and 5 return for face-to-face learning on Monday of Week 5 (1 November).
  • We encourage you to drop off and pick up your children at Drive-Through. Mr Pollard and Mrs Cole will be there to help. Remember to be patient as we remember our protocols and get back into a routine.  
  • Students in Year 3 - 6 may wear masks. Here is some good advice to help you teach your child how to put on, wear and take off a face mask. 
  • Please send your child in full summer uniform, and with a drink bottle.
  • Please feel free to call our Front Office if you are unsure about any aspect of the resumption of school.

    Congratulations, parents! You have done a wonderful job in most trying circumstances. We are so very grateful for your support. 

    May God bless you and your families 

Advice from Transport Canberra

To align with the return of classroom learning in term 4, Transport Canberra will resume all dedicated school bus services from 25 October 2021 (Week 4).

School Counsellor

The pandemic has brought many changes and challenges for children, young people, and families all around Australia. There are so many questions about the impacts and how we can best support those in our care. If you would like to make contact with our wonderful school counsellor, Rachel Corcoran, she can be contacted on

Remote Learning Terms 3 and 4 2021

  • Families can use the St Matthew's at Your House! document if they don't have reliable access to the internet. 
  • Having trouble logging in? Please make sure that you enter the usernames and passwords exactly as recorded on the sticker provided with your Goodie Bag. These passwords are case sensitive!
  • Scroll down for more detailed information about how remote learning works at St Matthew's, and how to set up, login and join a Teams Meeting on your iPad, laptop or desktop or Chromebook
  • All virtual meetings on Microsoft Teams will be recorded by the teacher to be archived via Microsoft Stream, and stored in compliance with safety and child protection standards. During this recording students who have their camera on or who use the microphone to ask a question will have their image and voice captured. Once the Meeting is stored on Microsoft Stream the teacher will change permissions on this video to restrict students from reviewing the content unless permission has been granted. If you do not want your child to be recorded in a Team Meeting, please notify the school, and the student will be supported by allowing them to have their camera off and microphone muted during a Meeting. This will limit student participation to the use of Chat and Emoticons to respond to peers and the teacher during a Meeting.
We ask you to follow the advice of ACT Health at all times. 
We understand that this is a challenging time for families and this situation is new for all of us. If you have questions specifically about your child/ren’s remote learning, contact your child’s teacher in the first instance.
All other questions can be directed to the front office between 8.30am and 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Our students deserve the best remote learning we can offer. That's why we've taken time as a teaching community to carefully consider a rationale for our practices. Our vision is to deliver learning that is equitable, balanced and sustainable.


Our remote learning has been designed to serve the needs of our community.


We offer opportunities for students to learn in front of a screen and away from it. 


Our plan is sustainable and takes into consideration our diverse parent population.

You can read more about our rationale for remote learning here.

We have updated our key document to support learning at home. This document is called St Matthew's at Your House. You can view the document here.

Information about your child's login details and access to online literature can be found here. 

Online Remote Learning

Families will be contacted with information to help you and your child to log onto and navigate inside your remote learning classroom. 

Having trouble logging in? Our usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Enter them exactly as they appear on the sticker provided with the Goodie Bag!

If you have any questions, please contact your child's class teacher.

The information below was last updated on 26 August 2021.


See Saw is the key platform being used by Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3. Timetables and activities will be available here. Teachers will provide you with information regarding how to access and log into Seesaw. 


Google Classroom is your child's virtual classroom in Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. Students in these year levels are very familiar with this platform. This is your first port of call. 


We waited, and researched the video conferencing platforms that were being used overseas and here in Australia. We're glad we did! The safety of our students is important to us. Students, families and teachers will be able to use Microsoft Teams to communicate with one another in a secure environment. 

Instructions for how to set up, login and join a Teams Meeting: 


Imagine the best stories being read aloud to you by our favourite storytellers – well that's Story Box Library!

We get kids excited about reading, inspire their imaginations and let them have fun with stories, improving their language and literacy skills along the way. With an ever-growing library, suitable for preschool and primary aged children, it really is Storytime, Anytime!

Log in:

Viewer Username: StMattys

Viewer Password: SM2614


Can't borrow from the library? Never fear! SORA is here!

Students can now borrow ebooks and audio books using a new app called SORA!

Here are the instructions to get you there. 


Other Websites That May Be of Interest


Say 'Hi!' to Father Simon, and stay connected to the Parish.

For Protocols in the Archdiocese of Canberra-Goulburn re: COVID-19 go to

Catholic Voice 

Mass for you at Home 

Mass On Demand

A wonderful page for kids about COVID. You'll find a message for Canberra kids from Jodie Griffiths-Cook, our Commissioner for Children and Young People. Jodie explains some things about COVID and the lockdown, and who to talk to if you’re worried or unhappy. There's also a great newsletter with 'lockdown lingo' and information about how to stay safe. 

Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic


Be You and Beyond Blue. Look after your mental health. 

Relationships are central to education and we need our families to be connected to the school. Please stay in contact with your child’s teacher. We at St Matthew's will support your family as best we can in these difficult times.